What is Stewardship?

What does the word stewardship mean? How is it different from ownership? What does the Bible say about stewardship?

We answer these questions and more in our YouTube videos and blog posts on stewardship.

YouTube Videos on Stewardship

All of our YouTube videos have something do with the Bible and money. These two are especially focused on different aspects of stewardship.

Blog Posts on Stewardship

These blog posts cover the topic of stewardship from many different angles.

Why Talk About Chris Brown and Stewardship?Before purchasing stewardship.com, I did quite a bit of due diligence. Domain investing is not my

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Mankind's Stewardship of the Earth Began in GenesisWhat does it mean to be stewards over the earth? When God created mankind, he

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I could have titled this, "Don't take home their treasure." It is a precious thing when someone trusts us with their pain.

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What is stewardship? This somewhat obscure and very old word contains a great deal of meaning.Stewardship Dictionary DefinitionThe Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines

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Everything the Bible says about money, wealth, and possessions can be condensed into a few simple stewardship principles.7 Principles of StewardshipJesus is

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