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To Help You Achieve
Biblical Prosperity

How Much do Common Career and Money Mistakes Cost You?

Many Christians stop making career and financial progress once they are out of debt.
Symptoms of stagnant growth include...

  • You work to the point of burnout without really knowing why
  • Every spare dollar goes to paying off your home mortgage early
  • You resolved to give more than 10% but never got around to it
  • Thinking about retirement just makes you more stressed
  • Starting your own business or side-gig still feels overwhelming
  • Feeling wealth is sinful and would make you a bad Christian

The habits that helped you go from spender to saver cannot take you to the next level. Many Christians' growth stops prematurely. The Bible contains deeper financial principles than we were taught, beyond "work harder" and "give more." Take the Stewardship Course and learn to multiply what's been entrusted to you.

  • Experience freedom from money and career myths
  • Learn how to invest in yourself and your future
  • Gain confidence as you build new Biblical habits
  • Learn how to make financial decisions that lead to joy
  • Unlock your unique creativity, gifts, and path to success
  • Discover the brilliance of God's crash-proof economy

Bonuses Included With Course

  • Discounted live coaching sessions.
  • Template PDF and Spreadsheet files that we actually use: Business Plan Template, Risk Profile Template, Monthly Asset Tracking, and more.
  • Optional email correspondence coaching after each completed module. Alternatively, fill out the open-ended questions in the Course Workbook or your own journal.
  • Access to future Stewardship Course modules as they are released.
  • The price for this course WILL increase as new modules are added.


"...easy to understand and put into action."

Joseph is great at taking complex financial concepts and explaining them in a way that is easy to understand and put into action.

JW Fansler

"...revealed the areas I was neglecting or mismanaging."

Joseph helped me first to visualize my assets and liabilities (literally), and that quickly revealed the areas I was neglecting or mismanaging so we could get a better system in place.

Casey Fish

How it works

1. Get the Course

2. Apply the Principles

3. Start Growing

About Your Teacher

Joseph Clampitt holds a PhD in Physics and Astronomy and has coauthored over 20 physics papers. His teaching experience includes Ivy League physics courses, mentoring PhD students, and speaking engagements all over North America, Europe, and Japan.

"Early on, my parents took me to a Financial Peace University class at a local church. Thanks to their example and the principles in Dave Ramsey's course, I began building a solid financial foundation in my 20s. When I got my first steady paycheck I had a plan for every dollar. At that time I wasn't making much, and it didn't go far in Philadelphia, but I still managed to invest 15% of my income as Dave recommended in Baby Step 4.

"Shortly after I turned 30, my investment income surpassed my salary from working as a Physics researcher. At that point I quit my job to focus on building my own business. After about 5 years I had built a system that was mostly passive and worked great for me, but making money had started to feel meaningless. After processing my feelings with a life coach, I realized the lack of meaning was a signal that it was time to move on. I decided to step back and take a full year sabbatical. During that sabbatical, it became very clear that God had other plans for my life than just making more money. Through and the Stewardship Course I want to pass on to you what I've learned about how to approach work and money in a Biblical way that leads to peace and joy. I hope you'll join me for this transformative journey."

Restart your growth

  • Part 1: Foundations
  • Part 2: Masterclass
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What is stewardship?

Stewardship is an old word that refers to someone who runs a house, kingdom, or business for the owner or ruler. The steward is just below the actual owner or ruler in terms of authority. By stewardship, we mean that Jesus is the Owner and we are his Stewards: we manage his stuff.

Are you teaching the prosperity gospel?

No. The main results of the gospel are (1) restoration of relationship with God and (2) building Christlike character. These are staggering benefits, and it shouldn't surprise us that they lead to a domino effect where the whole person is transformed. This often leads to relational, financial, even physical (health) breakthroughs.

However, "often" is not the same as "always." According to the prosperity gospel, if you have faith, God must bless you with health and wealth. Even worse, it confuses those side-benefits with humanity's real, deepest need: restoration of our broken relationship with God.

Will this course help me if I'm in debt?

That depends. If you are deeply in debt and struggling to make any headway, you'd be better off going through Dave Ramsey's program. Consider our Stewardship Course after you his complete Baby Step 2 or 3.