Life Coaching from a Mystic with a Physics PhD

Do you ever feel like

  • You’ve brought a knife to a gunfight?
  • You need to dig a trench with a plastic spoon?
  • You’re putting out fires with a thimbleful of water?

Don't you hate not having the right tool for the job?

Yes, you CAN MacGyver your way through life for awhile. You CAN go into battle with a homemade knife made out of bubble-gum, chopsticks, and aluminum foil. But that's not a real weapon.

defeated life

You CAN soldier on, running on ingenuity, work ethic, adrenaline, and copious amounts of caffeine. It works...for awhile. Until it doesn't.

Until you can’t go on like that anymore. Until you have to give up and admit the problem is too big.

Eventually you throw your pocketknife down in disgust and walk away from the battle, licking your wounds.

On your way back home, head lowered and shoulders slumped, you hear an owl. You look up and see it sitting at eye level in the trees on your right. It looks you right in the eye and asks, “Who are you?”

“I have no idea,” you answer.

“I watched you fighting,” the owl replied, “You fought bravely. But you can never win that battle with those weapons. Not far from here, in the very center of this forest, lies a real weapon. A weapon powerful enough to overcome all your enemies."

You don’t have any better ideas, so you decide to go looking for this fabled weapon.

You follow the owl’s instructions and enter the forest. There is only one clear path in.

owl guide coach
forest path life coaching

The path looks easy. You stride confidently into the forest, ready to get your hands on that weapon.

Soon you come to a small clearing with four options: left, right, straight, or back the way you came.

crossroads life coaching

You walk straight ahead, reasoning that this will lead deeper into the forest. But in no time the trees open up again, and you realize this isn’t just another clearing. You’re right back where you started!

forest path life coaching

You can’t imagine how, but one way or another you got turned around. You walk back into the forest and once again are presented with the 4-path clearing.

This time you try the right path.

crossroads life coaching

…same thing. Back where you started.

forest path life coaching

Finally, you take the left path, the only option left.

crossroads life coaching

This time you find yourself in another clearing.
It looks identical to the first one.

Ok, this is weird. But least I'm still inside the forest, you think.

crossroads life coaching

You turn right: logically that leads you deeper into the forest.

Once again you find yourself back where you started.

forest path life coaching

You hear a voice behind you, “The weapon you seek is inside. All the way in the center.” Turning around you see the same owl, still perched on the same tree at the edge of the forest.

“These woods are no ordinary maze,” the owl says. “Most mazes seek to draw you deeper and deeper inside. They leave you lost in the middle, unable to find your way out.”

This maze is different. It TRIES to kick you back out. No matter how deep you penetrate, one wrong turn sends you back outside.”

“How do I find my way to the center?” you ask. “I have a good sense of direction. I'm not getting lost. I'm keeping track of where the center should be. But this forest makes no sense.”

“This forest has a logic of its own,” the owl replies. “You can’t stand outside this maze and make a map to the center. The true path is found one choice, one fork in the road at a time. Even if you write down the order of forks that lead deeper into the maze, it won’t help. The path deeper is constantly changing.”

owl guide coach

“But I’m just guessing!” you say, frustrated. “At every clearing I’m just guessing which path to take!”

The owl tilts its head quizzically, “Did you hear the music?”

“What music?” you ask.

“The music comes from the center. Stand at the edge of each path and listen for the music. Only when you hear it can you proceed deeper into the maze.”

This time you try again. The owl is right. At the first crossroads you hear faint music coming from the left path.

crossroads life coaching

At the second crossroads the music comes again from the left path. Logically it should take you right back outside. But instead, when you choose the left path, you're presented with a third crossroads.

crossroads life coaching

Slowly, cautiously, you make your way deeper. This is impossible. This maze is impossible, you know that, yet here you are.

You resolve to keep following the music, no matter how long it takes. You walk for hours, patiently listening for the faint music at each fork in the road. Sometimes you don’t hear the music anywhere. You sit on the floor of the clearing, resting. The music always comes back, eventually.

Finally you see not the familiar crossroads, but a quiet forest glade. It’s much, much bigger than any of the previous clearings. So big that the canopy of trees fully opens, revealing the sky.

In the middle of the clearing, impossible to miss, you see a sword hilt rising above the tall grass. The blade plunges into the earth. Somehow you know this is the right weapon for the battle. This sword feels like it was made for you. How did I ever fight without this?  you wonder.

sword life coaching

The real battle is within

The world wants you to believe your problems are external. Enemies, bills, people you dislike or disagree with, health problems, your boss, your job, a war in far off lands, rumors of wars, and so on. The specific problem doesn’t matter, and it’s constantly changing.

When you go to a quiet, solitary place, these problems keep calling for your attention.

Your phone beeps and boops, telling you about yet another message.

Your mind flits from one memory to another, rehearsing the events of the day.

Your never-ending todo list flashes before your eyes.

There is so much mental static you cannot feel the right path forward. You try to hear the still, small voice, but the world drowns it out.

maze of life

You may need a guide

I want to help you find your way through the maze. Help you hear the music that leads deeper. Help you find your way to the sword at the center.

This story of the forest maze is a parable that describes our inner world. Our minds operate in such a way that the deeper we try to go, to get to the real root of our problems, the more aggressively we are hurled back out to externals. This is tragic, because the true solution to external problems is found in the center of our being.

If you don’t find your way there, you’ll never find the sword. And that sword is the real weapon. It’s the one that can actually win the fights in your external world.

I understand what’s it’s like to fight giants with a pocketknife. Not fun.

I understand what it’s like to keep getting kicked out of the maze.

I want to help you find your path.

traveler and guide

You'll soon be back in the the battle, with fresh confidence, clarity, and strength.

confident warrior life coaching

How it works

Life coaching appointments are one-time, 60-minute video calls. Just choose your time slot, enter your payment info, and receive an email with a Zoom link for our call.

On the day of our call:

  • I’ll ask you questions.
  • You’ll fill me in on your situation.
  • Together we’ll chart a path forward.

I guarantee the coaching session will give you fresh clarity and motivation necessary to make whatever changes need to be made.


If you're happy with the call and just need more time to sort things out, book another call at your convenience or sign up for one of my more extensive coaching programs.

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