Hearing God: Developing a Conversational Relationship with God

by Dallas Willard

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Topics covered:

  • Why do people say they hear God but so few can explain it?
  • What are some common misunderstandings about hearing from God?
  • Does God really talk to people?
  • How has God spoken to people before?
  • How does hearing God lead to character transformation?
  • How do we know we are hearing God and not our own voices?
  • How do we learn to listen to God?

We'll cover the book in 9 weeks, discussing one chapter per week.

hearing god

My story: On July 3, 2023, I began a new practice of daily prayer. It started with a clean, fresh journal and a simple black ink pen. I wrote down questions to God, and quietly waited and listened for answers. For the next 60 minutes or so, I shrugged off my inner skeptic and wrote down, unedited, whatever I saw or heard or felt.

At one level, this was just another in a long line of experiments: "Hey, let's just try it and see what happens." That kind of thing.

Most experiments flop.
They lead nowhere.
You try them, they fail, and then you do something else.

But once in a while you hit pay dirt. Some experiments lead to months, years, even decades of adventure as one after another the insights just keep exploding your brain.

147 days later these are some of the results I've experienced:

  • Healing from my deepest childhood wound (which I didn't even know I had)
  • Healing from my deepest adult wound (this story will be told in my forthcoming book All the Stories Are True)
  • Increased interest in reading the Bible
  • Enhanced ability to see God at work throughout the day, not just during morning prayer
  • A number of supernatural "coincidences"
  • Dreams warning me about huge mistakes before I made them

At one point I was so freaked out that I began reading every book I could find on the subject of divine guidance. The powerful nature of these experiences was undeniable, but I wanted to make sure they came from God and not my own subconscious. I also wanted to ensure they weren't just imitated or manufactured "experiences" stemming from my involvement in some charismatic-leaning Christian groups.

After reading Frank Viola, T. Austin Sparks, Dallas Willard, and a number of others (including of course the Bible itself) I confirmed to my own satisfaction that my experiences of hearing God were not outside the realm of normal, healthy Christian experience. If anything, they indicated a much more vibrant walk with Jesus than I had been accustomed to.

If any of this sounds intriguing, I'd love for you to join me in discussing this book Hearing God by Dallas Willard. Just fill out the form below with the day and location that works best for you. I'll send you logistical updates on the book discussion group as details become clearer.

Joseph Clampitt

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